quinta-feira, maio 24, 2012

kenny powers!

Leiam só este discurso de Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) no insuperável último episódio de “Estbound & Down”. Ele invade a sala de aula da jovem Andrea, uma recente ex-namorada. Ela está no College e deve ser uns quase 20 anos mais jovem que ele:

Andrea: You can't keep storming into my classrooms. We're broken up.

Kenny: What? No, no, no, no. That breakup wasn't real. Sure, You betrayed me and my party, but that breakup was spoken in anger. And, I'm sorry for that. It didn't count.

Andrea: It didn't?

Kenny: No, this is the breakup that counts.

Andrea: You're an asshole.

Kenny: Easy, let's not get bitter, okay? I know a lot of you guys are looking at me and saying, "Hey, there's a dude who is exactly my same age". Well, truth be told. I'm a grown-up, real person. Sure your bodies might be tight. You might like to have sex in amazing, cool, intricate positions. But besides that shit... you all don't have a fucking clue. The shit y'all are doing. The fucking Facebook shit, the Internets, the fucking DVDS. That's all bullshit. Your shit isn't real. But from where I'm standing, a full grown man, who has achieved his dreams. Yeah, that's right. I'm going back to the majors. My shit is about as real as it gets. And besides, I can out-party, out-drink, and out-fuck, each of you. Youth can suck my dick. So unless you have anything to add. Then consider this relationship over. Have a nice life. I'll never forget you. And I know you won't forget me. Cause I popped that cherry. That's right, I tore it out for all you young guys.

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